Mercedes W113 230 250 280 SL Pagoda Automatic to Manual Transmission 6 Speed

Part #: MB-280-127
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Product Description

6 speed manual transmission conversion kit for the following Mercedes W113 Pagoda models with automatic transmission: 230 SL from 1963-67 wih M127 II engine, 250 SL from 1966-68 with M129 engine, and 280 SL models from 1968-71 with M130 engine. It comes with 2 year warranty and no mileage limitation. The gearshift knob is available in black or ivory color. The gearbox casing is available in standard silver and in black color. The kit includes: - Sports transmission - Flywheel - Starter ring gear - Clutch Kit - Universal joint fitting - Speedometer connection - Pedals - Slave cylinder - Master Cylinder - Console - Shift linkage- Gear lever- Switch Ball- Connection material- Installation Instructions Please purchase the gear gator additionally.Advantages of the transmission 5 plus 1 speed:- 60longer translation in plus 1 low gear - Driving at 160 km/h with 3500 rpm. and not as it was before 100 km/h and 3500 rpm. - High switching comfort due to low operating forces, short and precise switching distances - Compact design, low weight Very good efficiency - Optimal tuning and synchronization - Perfect gear ratio - More economical in consumption - Installation made simple, no modifications to the body. Plug and playfully delivered and ready to drive .Part #: MB-280-127