Fiat 500 R 126 CSC Muffler Rear Single 70 mm

Part #: EX-500-015
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Product Description

CSC muffler for Fiat 500 R 126 models. The material used for the outer sheath of this exhaust is stainless steel 15/10. The bases are sheared and filled with eccentric dying machines with swan necks. The materials used in the production for the bases are in aluminized sheet metal from 20/10 and inox AISI 304 sheet metal from 15/10. All the different components are manually welded by continuous wire to have the highest quality, and precision of the product. All mufflers except stainlessare entirely painted with electrostatic equipment with pneumatic atomizers on ecopainting system to maintain a long life. CSC Marmitte Exhausts are manufactured in Italy to a very high level of quality and produce a fantastic sound, slightly louder than normal but not excessively loud.