Alfa Romeo Spider 4 Cyl Fuel Injected Electronic Distributor Bluetooth

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Product Description

123 electronic ignition wireless 4.0 Bluetooth programmable for Alfa Romeo Round Tail and Spider models with with D-jetronic injection system. This unique electronic ignition system features a fully digital advance mechanism with multiple curves, making it suitable for all 4-cylinder engines. This Bluetooth connected version makes it possible to adjust the ignition curve via a handy phone app and shows an electronic dashboard. The unit is simple to install with only 2 wires to connect, and timing is also easily accomplished via a built-in LED indicator light. Once installed you can easily select between curves and perform other custom programming via the free Android smartphone, iOS app interface or tablet. This distributor features: - Ability to fine tune advance curve - Ability to enable and tune vacuum advance - Built in anti-theft feature - Programmable rev-limiter.