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Passion for the Beetle has no limits and for who lives it in "small scale" this is the right book, as it shows all the countless scale models featuring the famous German car. Written by a major Volkswagen expert, Marco Batazzi from Turin, this book describes, with some "buyer's advice", all the different types of air-cooled Volkswagen scale models. It begins with the pre-war prototypes, continues with the military versions, featuring the whole Beetle production. It also includes the "Bulli" minivan, the 1500-1600, the Karmann-Ghias, the 411-412 and the Brazilian Volkswagen. It is an amazing overview vith a wide perspective, from the precious and refined collector models, to the toys for children, going over bottles, chocolate cars, lamps and everything else that over the years has ever taken the shape of a small Beetle.
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Volkswagen Models Book

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