Triumph Spitfire Herald High Torque Lightweight Starter Motor

Part: WP-262

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Product Description

High torque lightweight starter motor for Triumph Spitfire and Herald models. It is supplied with a terminal fitting kit and is based on 2.0kW Axial PMGR starter motor which has been modified to suit this particular application. This starter motor is 100brand new and is built to the highest standards to withstand the rigors of all forms of motoring including Road, Race and Rallying. Each unit is a direct replacement for the original starter motor and weighs less than the original with 2 - 3 time the power output. Every Denso starter motor mounts in a unique circular stepped register which enables it to be spun 360 degrees on its own axis with ease giving the unit an infinite number of mounting positions. Please note, if you require a multi-drilled end plate to enable the motor to be mounted in different locations please let us know at the time of ordering and we can supply these at no additional cost. Part #: WP-262
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Triumph Spitfire Herald High Torque Lightweight Starter Motor