Lancia Fulvia Flavia 123 Electronic Distributor

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Product Description

Complete electronic ignition distribtutor for Lancia Fulva and Flavia models. For 4 cylinder engines with vacuum advance. Item # 123LANCIA-4-R-VThis 123 electronic distributor is designed with the help of Lancia enthusiasts. As these cars are becoming quite rare, we have chosen to introduce a product that offers all the necessary advance-curves, but that may need some fiddling before it can be mounted. For the Fulvia this means, that the gearwheel from the original distributor needs to be replaced.which is an easy job as everything is prepared by the manufacturerFor the Flavia, things are slightly more complicated, but we think almost every handy classic car enthusiast will be able to replace the original drive-dog and find a proper spacer between the mounting-bracket and the flange on the 123ignition. Click here to see the installation manual. The ignition-system in a classic car is often the source of many problems. After many years the mechanical system is worn, and replacement of the points with an optical or magnetical setup, does not make up for wear in the advance-mechanism, the shaft and bearings etc. Well, 123ignition is different. It comes in a housing, that exactly looks like its mechanical counterpart on the outside, but that houses a lot of high-tech on the inside. A 123ignition keeps the looks under the bonnet 'original', but makes the engine spin like a Japanese sewing-machineMoreover : you don't have to sacrifice your mechanical distributor. Part #: 123 Lancia4RV
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Lancia Fulvia Flavia 123 Electronic Distributor