Jaguar XKE S2 OTS Complete Trunk Retrim Kit

Part: JR-LW-111

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Product Description

Complete trunk retrim kit for Jaguar XKE E-Type S2 OTS. It is among the best you can buy for originality and fit. Using weatherproofed unilit board (1/8") as backing material for the side and rear panels and heavy rubber backing on the center mat. All materials are precision cut, pressure glued, stapled, stitched and edge-bound to guarantee a factory authentic fit. The leathercloth on center mat and side panels are a 100% match in color, grain and gloss. The trunk retrim kit is available in the original biscuit, but can also be matched to your interior in black, dark blue (not navy), gray, magnolia, biscuit, beige, burgundy and red. Part #: JR-LW-111
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Jaguar XKE S2 OTS Complete Trunk Retrim Kit

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