Jaguar XK Electronic 123 Ignition Distributor

Part: 123\JAG-6-R-V

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Product Description

Complete electronic 123 Ignition distributor for most Jaguar 6 cyl. 3.4, 3.8, and 4,2 liter XK engines.This unit offers 16 different advance-curves, that can be selected via a little switch. This is a great feature for easy fine-tuning your engine!It also offers :- vacuum-advance- automatic dwell- spark balancing- automatic power-cut after 1 second- gearshift retard- etc. etc.A good book is How to powertune Jaguar XK-3,4 3,8 & 4,2 litre engines written by Des Hamill.( see : )This book, in combination with the 123JAG-6-R-V, gives you all the tools necessary to powertune your Jaguar. Item # 123JAG-6-R-V with vacuum advance. Click here for installation instructions.The ignition-system in a classic car is often the source of many problems. After many years the mechanical system is worn, and replacement of the points with an optical or magnetical setup, does not make up for wear in the advance-mechanism, the shaft and bearings etc.Well, 123ignition is different. It comes in a housing, that exactly looks like its mechanical counterpart on the outside, but that houses a lot of high-tech on the inside.A 123ignition keeps the looks under the bonnet 'original', but makes the engine spin like a Japanese sewing-machine! Moreover : you don't have to sacrifice your mechanical distributor.
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Jaguar XK Electronic 123 Ignition Distributor