Ford Cortina MK1 MK2 High Torque Starter Motor

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High torque starter motor for Ford Cortina MK1 and MK2 models. It weighs 3.5 kg, is supplied with a terminal fitting kit, and is based on a 2.0kW Axial PMGR starter motor which has been modified to suit this particular application. Approximate physical dimensions: Length 220mm and Diameter 75mm. This starter motor is 100% brand new and is built to the highest standards to withstand the rigors of all forms of motoring including Road, Race and Rallying. Each unit is a direct replacement for the original starter motor and weighs less than the original with 2 - 3 time the power output. This starter is compact by design and light-weight. It incorporates an internal solenoid and planetary gear solution which operates within the body of the starter and in line with the motor shaft. This greatly reduces the physical dimensions of the unit and allows the unit to be installed in limited spaces. Please note, if you require a multi-drilled end plate to enable the motor to be mounted in different locations please let us know at the time of ordering and we can supply these at no additional cost. Part #: WP-074
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Ford Cortina MK1 MK2 High Torque Starter Motor

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