Porsche 356 Complete Headrest Set 1950-65

Part: IN-POR-100

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Product Description

Set of ready-to-install headrests for all Porsche 356 models from 1950-65 with standard seats, re-manufactured to exact OEM specifications. This a beautifully engineered assembly complete with hardware, trimmed in Porsche classic vinyl or leather if required. These headrests are probably the best you can buy for originality and fit. The headrest hardware is an exact replica of the original Porsche design. The cell foam is molded to the exact same shape and density of the original. The headrests can be covered with the original Porsche Classic Skai or Porsche Nappa leather.There is an additional cost of $105 for using black or red vinyl and of $158 should you require black or red leather. Installation requires no specific tools and is comfortably within the ability of the moderately experienced home mechanic. The headrest brackets bolt directly onto the frame plates of all standard seats '50-'66. Please make sure your seats are equipped with headrest plates before ordering. Sold per set. Part: IN-POR-100
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Porsche 356 Complete Headrest Set 1950-65