Jaguar XKE S3 5.3 V12 Roadster Complete Interior Restoration Kit 1971-75

Part: JR-LW-87

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Complete interior restoration kit for Jaguar XKE 5.3 V12 Roadster from 1971-75 (Series 3) models. This interior restoration kit is among the best you can buy for completeness, originality and fit. The kit includes everything you typically need to bring your interior back to factory new condition. These hand crafted interior restoration kits, closely match Coventry factory specifications. Implementing the use of the finest full grain Scottish hides and fully matching color coded leathercloth, natural rubber, natural jute, top quality calico backing material, exact specification pleat and bolster filling, piping cord and high resistance yarns. All hides are precision cut, piping bound and pre-formed to guarantee a factory authentic fit. The following parts are included in the kit: -Complete Carpet Set, 24 pieces -Carpet Underfelt Kit, 13 pieces -Door Sill Retrim Kit, pair -Door Panels, Ready-To-Install, pair -Door Capping Retrim, pair -A-post Hardura, pair -Leather Seat Restoration Kit, perforated covers, pair -Leather Headrest Retrim Kit, perforated covers, pair -Leather Center Console Retrim Kit incl. Glove Box -Underdash Hardura, 3 pieces-Trunk Retrim Kit -Additional Vinyl, 1m² Complete step-by-step installation instructions and pictures. The following parts are not included in the kit: Quarter Panel Retrim in hardened plastic, Dashboard Retrim Kit, Windshield Frame Cover in Formica, Radio Console in Formica, Replacement Seat Base Foam, Seat Base Diaphragm and Soft Top. Please also verify the condition of your seat internals. New seat base cell foams and seat diaphragms are not included as part of this kit. The interior restoration kit comes with easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions and pictures. Installation requires no specific tools and is within the ability of the moderately experienced home mechanic. This interior restoration kit is manufactured in most original colors: magnolia, beige, biscuit, red, burgundy, dark blue, grey and black. Interiors with contrasting piping available on request. Part #: JR-LW-87
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Jaguar XKE S3 5.3 V12 Roadster Complete Interior Restoration Kit 1971-75

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