Jaguar XKE S1 S2 OTS Carpet Set 1962-71 10 Pcs

Part: JR-LW-98

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Complete 10-piece carpet set for Jaguar XKE Series 1 and Series 2 OTS, 2-seater Roadster and Coupe (not flat floor) models from 1962-71. These hand crafted carpet sets are among the best you can buy for originality and fit. The Coventry factory specifications are closely matched throughout the production process; from stitching, edge binding, right down to furnishings and heel padding. All materials are precision cut, pressure glued and pre-formed to guarantee a factory authentic fit. The materials are top quality velours from a wool/nylon blend which is available in most original colors; black, grey, light beige, biscuit, tan, dark blue, dark green and red. The set comes with easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions and pictures. Installation requires no specific tools and is comfortably within the ability of a home mechanic. Part #: JR-LW-98
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Jaguar XKE S1 S2 OTS Carpet Set 1962-71 10 Pcs

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