Jaguar XKE E-Type Radio Console 1969-75

Part: JR-LW-462

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Radio console for all Jaguar XKE Roadster, Coupe, and 2+2 models from 1969-75, re-manufactured to exact OEM specifications. This radio panel is probably the best you can buy for originality and fit. The tool to mold and cast the console was developed using 3-D scanning on a NOS console. The radio console is made from molded foam-filled PVC plastic and has a stainless steel backing plate. Grain and gloss of the vinyl surface coat match original factory specification. A factory authentic appearance and fit is guaranteed. Installation requires no specific tools. The radio panel directly bolts into position on original fastening points. Part #: JR-LW-462
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Jaguar XKE E-Type Radio Console 1969-75

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