Porsche 356 912 Generator Rebuild Kit 12V 30A 90MM

Part: POR-356-376

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Product Description

Generator rebuilt kit 12V 30A 90 mm Porsche 356 and 912 models. With this kit you can rebuild your 912 generator. This is for the 90 mm generator. This kit can also be used to transfer your 6V 356 generator into 12V. This set includes: 2 bearings, 1 set of brushes, 2 field coils and 1 armature. There are 2 types of Bosch 90 mm alternators. The difference is in the field coil holder. These field coils are for the short field coil holder. You can easily shorten the field coil holder by a few millimeters to fit these short field coils. Parts are also available separately. It fits Bosch alternator number 0101 206 116 or 117 or Porsche number 616 603 102 01 or all 356 6V alternators. This rebuild kit is usable with 0190 350 068 Bosch voltage regulator. All parts are CNC machined and laser cut.Part #: POR-356-376
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Porsche 356 912 Generator Rebuild Kit 12V 30A 90MM