Is It More Expensive to Own a European Car?

Cars have become the most common and reliable means of transport since their invention in the late 19th Century. More than 60 million cars are produced worldwide every year, with one billion of them in use all around the globe. Many car brands and models originate from various parts of the world, such as Europe, Asia, and America.

Purchasing a car can be a difficult task due to the wide variety of options available. Before buying a vehicle, you have to consider several factors, including fuel efficiency. Car models can be produced locally or by foreign companies. Consider the benefits of each type before deciding on which one to purchase.

Here we will tell you everything about foreign cars, including more expensive than domestic cars.

What Are the Best Foreign Car Brands?

Popular car brands manufactured in the United States include Ford and Chevrolet.

Foreign brands that excel in the American car market include;

  1. Volkswagen from Germany. Car models include the Passat, Jetta, Golf, Touareg, and the famous Beetle. Volkswagen has also established itself to be one of the most reliable cars today.

  2. Toyota from Japan. Their models include the Toyota Camry and the Prius.

  3. BMW from Germany. The Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Company produces models such as the BMW M5, X3, X5 and the M3 Coupe.

  4. Mercedes Benz is another one in the list of German cars with models categorized in classes such as E-Class and C-Class.

  5. Ferrari is a popular Italian brand that consists of expensive cars driven by wealthy and well-known figures.

  6. Nissan from Japan. It has models such as the Pathfinder, X-Trail, Maxima, X-Terra, X-Trail, and Altima.

Other popular foreign brands that dominate the American car market include Audi, Porsche, Volvo, Rolls Royce, Mazda, and Honda.

Is It Better to Buy a Foreign Car?

You can easily choose between foreign and local cars based on your preference. What you look out for in a vehicle will determine your perception of each type and eventually influence your choice.

Trucks and SUVs are used more in the American auto industry than sedans, so local companies produce more. Although much is invested in making these vehicles, they are still less reliable and expensive to maintain. Local car parts are less costly, enabling manufacturers to make affordable luxury cars.

Certain factors such as high long-term costs, high recall rates, and poor design quality make consumers and ranking services give local cars poor reviews.

Foreign manufacturers make reliable cars that have consistent performance. They are expensive to purchase but have a low cost of maintenance in the long run than their local counterparts. Some brands, such as Kia and Hyundai, have lower car prices than most local brands. Most foreign brands receive positive reviews for their reliability, except a few, such as Yugo, which has poor performance.

Are Foreign Cars More Expensive to Repair?

Initially, foreign car repair costs were very high compared to domestic brands. Globalization has led to the reduction of the cost of fixing foreign vehicles.

During the late 20th Century, foreign car parts were shipped from car manufacturers overseas to repair shops countrywide. The cost of shipping specific car parts made foreign cars very expensive to repair.

In recent years, foreign car companies have established manufacturing plants around the country, easing the importation burden to the local buyer. Foreign manufacturers can now produce car parts locally and supply them to the various auto repair shops in the country.

Although foreign vehicle repair costs have been reduced, they are still more expensive than those of a local car. This is because foreign car companies tend to use replacement parts exclusively for their brand. The proprietary parts of foreign cars are very costly. Finding a specific car part that will match your vehicle brand increases the repair costs by a small margin.

You should, however, note that in the long-term, you will spend much less on fixing a foreign car than a local one. Foreign vehicles are more durable and efficient than American cars. Their parts are higher quality and are guaranteed to last longer than local car parts. Choosing a foreign car model over a local one is a case of choosing quality over quantity.

Which Foreign Car Has the Cheapest Maintenance Costs?

Maintenance cost is one of the things you should consider when buying any vehicle. It is inevitable and determines whether you made a good investment by purchasing your vehicle.

Toyota is the leading car brand with the cheapest maintenance costs over a long period. You will only spend an average of $6,000 on repairs and maintenance in a span of 10 years on Toyota vehicles. Mitsubishi and Honda vehicles follow closely in the rankings, requiring to spend almost $8000 in 10 years. Other brands such as Mazda, MINI, Nissan, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, and Subaru fall below the $9000 mark.

Ford, Chevrolet, and other local car models cost you almost $10000 in repair and maintenance. Foreign cars are cheaper to maintain in the long term than local models.

Are Foreign Cars More Expensive to Insure?

Insurance costs account for a big part of your car's overall cost of ownership. The price of your car insurance depends on several factors, including whether your car is local or foreign.

Foreign cars have higher costs due to the high risks they bear. Foreign cars and car parts are more expensive than local ones, so their insurance premiums are high. Insurers also consider ownership and repair and maintenance costs before issuing an insurance policy.

Insurers base their premiums on a vehicle's risk of theft. Foreign models are more likely to be stolen than local vehicles, with higher rates.

Other factors that influence the total cost of your insurance cover include the size of the vehicle, amount of horsepower, and ease of damage. Sports cars have very high horsepower, so they are more expensive to insure. Your age and driving experience will also influence your insurance costs.

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