5 Reasons why European Cars are Better

Every car buyer wants a ride they can grow old with. The more reliable a car is, the less money the owner will use in future maintenance and repairs. When the time comes for you to buy a new ride or trade-in your old vehicle for an upgrade, you have two decide whether you'll shop for a domestic sports car or a reliable vehicle from Europe.

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While American cars have a lot going for them right, including lower prices, there are many reasons why European brands are the better buy. Read on to find out why.

1. Better Fuel Efficiency

You may feel big and powerful on your American SUV Hummer, but the downside for such large American vehicles is their poor gas mileage. The ugly truth is American cars aren't as fuel-efficient as European. In Europe, you can buy compact cars with better fuel efficiency and a sleek body. Most of the European cars are typically built with gas prices in mind. Though they cost more than American-made cars, European vehicles offer you more mileage per gallon. The most reliable car runs on diesel, favoring low-end torque over high RPM power.

2. More Technologically Advanced

Modern European cars have a competitive technological edge, making driving easier and more fun for you. European brands such as BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche have vehicles that come with built-in technology. With the push of a button, you can regulate seat temperature, seat adjustment, car interior scent, and more. Some of the latest models also feature high-definition infotainment centers with portable devices like smartphones.

3. Solid Engineering

Another area where European car brands beat American models hands down is the area of engineering. While American carmakers try to keep auto repair costs down for consumers, European brands invest in high-quality engineering that's why they have better safety ratings are some of the most reliable cars ever made. European car manufacturers go the extra mile; that's why their cars come at a higher price. When you buy a solid European car, you're assured of a smooth, enjoyable driving experience.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Foreign cars from Europe have an undeniable aesthetic appeal and smooth exterior outlook that sets them miles apart from American-made vehicles. Most domestic cars can't match the elegance and sophistication of European rides. If you decide to buy a European car, you will likely draw the attention and get admiring glances from car enthusiasts wherever you drive. Aesthetic appeal often comes down to personal opinions. Some people prefer rugged looks while others simple car designs.

5. Build to Last

European cars generally outlive American vehicles, proving that you get your money's worth when buying European. That's beside the fact that European models have a higher resale value. One reason for the longevity is that European carmakers use superior materials to their American counterparts. For example, Mercedes Benz spares, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce use the best materials money can buy. The quality of the materials reflects on their high car prices.

American vehicles tend to lose their resale value more each year than their European counterparts. While you may fork a lot of cash upfront to buy a European car, you'll also get more back when the time comes to trade it in or resell it. Your reliable family car will fetch a higher price if you take it to your local service center for regular checks and maintenance.

What Makes a Car Reliable?

Each year, Consumer Reports carry Auto Surveys to uncover problems people have with their cars, SUVs, trucks, and minivans over the last 12 months. From the huge volume of data they collect, the car determines a car's reliability. Past studies show that an unreliable car rarely gets better with age. While warranty may cover repairs when the car is still new, the car owner will sacrifice their time to take their vehicle to and from the local dealership for auto repairs.

A reliable car is one that rarely breaks down. Typical of the most reliable vehicles from Europe, they also have a better fuel economy. If you have the time, check out Consumer Reports, a nonprofit consumer organization; CR tests cars to give buyers unbiased ratings and reviews for various luxury cars and standard all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive cars.

The organization ranks European car manufacturers for car reliability. Their annual car reliability and owner satisfaction reports can help you find dependable cars for everyday use. The overall verdict summarizes a model's overall reliability across 17 trouble spots, including major engine and transmission components, drive system, and the cooling system that can be troublesome and costly to repair.

Most Reliable Cars of All Time

Whether shopping for a new set of wheels or an old-timer, one of the major considerations is a car's reliability. European car brands are some of the most reliable cars of all time. Your car will last long enough for you to pass it down to the next generation. Volvo is the highest-ranking European premium brand with 111 PP100 followed by German premium brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Peugeot and Skoda join the ranks of the most dependable everyday cars. Vauxhall and Volkswagen have received two segment awards for midsize cars and city cars, respectively. Mazda, Honda, and Lexus are other car brands known for their reliability.

While you may pay more to own a European car, you may make fewer trips to the mechanic over the car's lifetime. Not so with American options, as they tend to develop problems over time and may die sooner than you expect. American cars like GM or Ford models have a roomy interior, but your car won't likely last for a long time.

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