Gordon Keeble Bumper Kit


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Bumper kit for Gordon Keeble models from 1959-67.The kit consists of 1 front bumper in 3 parts and 1 rear bumper in 3 parts as orginal. Stainless steel was chosen for the following reasons: 1) never corrodes(rust proof); grade 304/1,4301/7 2) in case of dent or damage unlike chrome plated steel it does not require stripping and rechroming 3) stainless steel allows for easy repair and repolishing in the hand of a professional 4) it's a lot tougher than chrome plated steel bumpersThe bumpers are finished to a high mirror polish, just like chrome. The back of bumpers are acid etch primed and painted with ICI two pack paint in a cream tone. Delivery takes 2-3 weeks. Part: GORDON
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Gordon Keeble Bumper Kit