Chrysler Desoto Dodge Plymouth W590 60-64 Windshield

Part: WS-W590M

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W590 bubble windshield for Chrysler, Desoto, Plymouth, Mopar, and Dodge models from 1960-64. Fits hardtops, convertibles, sedans, and wagons. New production from Scandavia for show quality cars. These windshields are produced for customers who don't want any deductions for non original glass at Concours classic car shows, the edges and curvature of the windshield are like the original. This is a rare opportunity to acquire an original style bubble top windshield. All other reproductions come straight on the top instead of the curve on the top like the original design required. This windshield is hand made and cost 4 to 5 times as much as other reproductions to produce as normally 3 out of 4 glasses are thrown away to get the bubble finish properly. This process takes 100 % surveillance to make sure the glass is produced properly. This windshield is for the most discerning collector. Part #: WS-W590M
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Chrysler Desoto Dodge Plymouth W590 60-64 Windshield

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